Privacy Policy

CONFIDENTIAL MATTERS committed to safe guard personal & official information and value each customer relationship. We promise that all your information, contact details, designs, artworks, products that you are ordering and other documents given to us will be kept in confident. We will not share any of these details to third party.



As part of promoting our products & services, we may include partial or complete product photos from your orders, feedback that you wrote to us, in our campaigns which reflect quality of our services. These adverts may displayed in our premises or on our social media accounts for marketing purposes. The customer has the right to request for removal of these information at anytime.


It is Customer’s responsibility to safeguard the devise such as USB Drives, Mobiles, and other equipment they bring to share information or photos or designs. We don't take any responsibility under any circumstances for any loss of devise or data, disclosure, alteration or corruption, damages occurred, loss of devises while we operate or connect it.


If a customer or company leave their orders uncollected for 30 days, even after couple followup, we reserve the right to dismantle, dispose, trash it, to protect confidential matters printed on it. No refund claimedon the service or value of the product.

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